Whistleblower Hotline

For the submission to the Audit Committee of the Knoll, Inc. Board of Directors of any confidential and anonymous concerns regarding:

  • (a) questionable accounting, internal accounting controls and auditing matters, including those regarding the circumvention or attempted circumvention of internal accounting controls or that would otherwise constitute a violation of Knoll’s accounting policies (an “Accounting Allegation”);

    (b) illegal or unlawful activity involving mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, fraud against stockholders under any Federal law or the violation of any rule or regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission by any Knoll employee in the course of his/her employment (a “Legal Allegation”); and

    (c) retaliation against employees who make Accounting Allegations or Legal Allegations (a “Retaliatory Act”).

Please call the following number:

U.S. 1 877 778-5463
Canada 1 877 778-5463
Outside the U.S. and Canada 001-877-778-5463

Or visit the following Web address:
URL: www.reportit.net
User: Name: Knoll
Password: Hotline